Can you enter Fablab without registration?

Yes you can. team will gladly show you around, and this place will make you want to stay here longer. If you want to be sure there will be somebody to show you around, give us a call or send a message to let us know, we will reserve some time for you.

Is it possible to come without registration and use your machines, e.g. 3D printers or laser plotter?

It is, although using workrooms requires participants to have passed OSH and machine handling classes. In such cases, there are also subscriptions thanks to which you can use workrooms in FabLab powered by Orange. One-off services provided at the studio are subject to separate and individual evaluation.

I want to cut something out of plywood on your machine. Do i need to bring my own material, or can it be bought from you?

If you have your own materials, you can use the machines in the workshop, however, in such cases you have to have a subscription. The type of materials you use must be agreed in advance with the team, this is related to your safety in our studio. Sometimes we make larger orders for a specific material as part of our various activities. Answering the question in advance, you can "add" to our order, the price of materials is then determined individually.

What are the opening hours of FabLab?

FabLab is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm.

What if I can't get to the classes I've registered for?

Write us an email or call us and let us know. This will free up space for other people.

Contact details:
telephone number: 789 218 279


How do I register for classes?


You can register by using the forms provided in the events that we publish on our website at: We have a limited number of places for each event. The enrolment system shows that there are no more free spaces, but I am very keen to participate in the workshops at FabLab. Is there a chance I will be able to take part in them? You can write us on our e-mail:, before the workshops we send reminders about participation - if the place is vacant, there is a chance that you will take part in our workshops!


Is there a free parking near FabLab?


Unfortunately, there are no free parking lots near FabLab. However, thanks to its excellent location, FabLab can be easily reached by public transport: subway, tram and bus. Find out more at


How can I use Fablab?


You can participate in the workshops: or subscribe to or use the offer for schools and private parties: If you have any questions, please write us on


I have an idea, so what's next?


Call, write, or come and talk to us. We will gladly help you with any incredible idea.


I want to come regularly, what do I do?


If you want to use our studio on daily basis read our offer on subscriptions or become a volunteer and write to us at to arrange an appointment.


Why "Fablab"?


FabLab (fabrication laboratory) powered by Orange is a studio created in Warsaw by the Orange Foundation and Association, equipped with advanced technologies such as 3D printers, laser plotters, CNC milling machines, electronics. Thanks to the support of instructors it is possible to learn how to use these technologies creatively in order to create various objects - from jewellery to drones. Classes and workrooms are open to children, young people and adults, regardless of their skills and experience. 



What can you do here?

We assist in the implementation of projects, share knowledge in the field of new technologies, teach crafts. Find out more at:

Are unused subscription hours from the previous month lost or are they added when buying another one?

Subscriptions (except for the "Tester") are monthly

Is it possible to book a machine, e.g. a laser, for a specific day and time?

Yes. At the moment, you need to inform someone early on of the service, the system for automatic reservation is still in preparation. In order to use the machines, you need to be trained in the relevant department.

May I leave unfinished projects at Fablab? How long and on what terms can it be lying around?

Unfinished projects can be stored in your locker. If it exceeds size of your locker you can leave it in one of the rooms after consulting one of our staff members.

May I leave my work clothes in studio? Where to leave them and so on?

Of course if they fit in your locker, unless they don't, then consult our staff.

Who can apply for a subscription? I must be 18 years old (legally responsible) how less formalities must be fulfilled, e.g. written parental consent, etc.? .

The purchase of a subscription fee involves the signing of a service contract, therefore minors or persons without legal capacity must have the consent of a legal guardian (e.g. parents).

Is it possible to visit FabLab with a child? They will be cared for by their parent who takes responsibility. I would like to use a sewing machine and I can't leave my child under someone's care.

For safety reasons, children under 6 years of age should not be in FabLab unless their parents pay full attention to their them. Children over this age can stay in the studio under the supervision of legal guardians, however, they will have to sign a statement on knowledge of the Regulations of use of the FabLab technology workshop and on compliance with the principles of safety and health at work and fire regulations.

Can FabLab be used by foreign-language people? How can they use the studio?

Of course, FabLab is by nature an open space focused on gathering creative people, regardless of their language. However, in order to communicate more easily, knowledge of English is required. The rules of using the studio are identical, as in the case of people speaking Polish.

Do you need a license in order to use your machines yourself? If so, which ones? If I have the appropriate qualifications, can I use the machines by myself?

No, you need no certificates to operate our machines. But if you have the right qualifications - great! It is always good to know you are familiar with the operation of a particular machine. Regardless of whether you are certified or not, you need to have a safety training course with us on how to operate our machines. This is a prerequisite for self service of machines located in FabLab.

Is it possible to rent tools for a limited period of time?

Tools and machines located in Fablab powered by Orange are an integral part of the studio and we do not lease them.

Are there any health restrictions on using the studio? I suffer from epilepsy, do I have to inform the staff about it and any medications I take?

If you want to buy a subscription, you should sign a declaration in advance stating that there are no objections to using the studio. This statement also includes information on the user's familiarity with the Fablab powered by Orange Technology Workshop Regulations, Health & Safety and Fire Regulations and Rules, and agreement to abide to them. If you have any health contraindication for using our studio please inform our staff.


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